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Beevor, Antony
Beevor shows how fascist Italy and Nazi Germany used the Spanish Civil War to test out new weapons like the Stuka fighter...
Drakulic, Slavenka
De Geus, 2003, 1° druk, 187p, hardcover met stofomslag, in nieuwstaat Ze zouden nog geen vlieg kwaad doen', zei een getuige voor het...
Farwell, Byron
From 1837 to 1901, in Asia, China, Canada, Africa, and elsewhere, military expedition were constantly being undertaken to protect resident Britons or...
Hills, George
Spanish Civil War Vantage Books / St. Martin's Press, 1977, 1° American edition, 192p, illustrated, with notes - bibliography - index,...
Holmes, Richard
A visit to twelve battlefields throughout Britain, Northern France and Belgium that mark crucial moments in Britain's bloody and turbulent...
Padfield, Peter
The Victorian and Edwardian navy Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1981, 1° ed, 246p, illustrated, hardcover with dust jacket, excellent...
Salas Larrazabal, Jesus
Spanish Civil War 1936-39 Ian Allen Ltd, 1974, 1° English edition, 371p, with index, illustrated, hardcover met stofomslag, snede pagina's...
Terraine, John
 This book describes one of the most famous naval battles of all time, which shattered Napoleon's dreams of invading England. Amplifying the...
Artikel 1 tot 8 (van de 8 artikelen). Resultaat:1